MMM -BD Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

MMM is not a bank. It is not a business or some kind of investment or MLM program. MMM doesn't collect or resume any money. And this is the core point! MMM is a free mind community, where people are learning to help each other. Only people who are ready to help from the bottom of their hearts to another ones, not expecting the reward back, can participate in MMM. If you can not help people for free, then it is better not to participate in it. All transferred funds to another participants are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely free and gratis with no promises or guarantees that you will receive your money back someday. If you are completely confident and certain in your actions and make your mind to participate, we kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. Contact our consultants and get answers to all your questions.

MMM is not a company. And it is not a business. There is no boss or owner. MMM is an international free self-adjusting community. This is a community of people who are changing the minds and the attitude to the world and money. You should always remember no one has any guarantees of repayment of funds in MMM. All MMM participants donate their money to each other only when they ready to do it! The website and virtual mmm accounts (private cabinets) are only tools which help people to assist each other. Each participant has his private back office, where he/she can commit to provide help and after ask to get help. The fact that you gave help will not oblige anyone to give help to you! You should know this and do not participate in MMM with the money that you are not ready to give to another person for free! Everyone who believes MMM is a business or MLM company and thinks only how to earn money here please do not participate in.

Participating in MMM you are extremely at risk and can lose all your money at any time!

Do not forget this!

There are no investments! No business activity! There is no company!
There are no shares transactions. There are not any relationship with the professional participants of the shares market, no shares or any product you do not get!
Any source of income is ALSO NOT HERE! No, no and no!
It can not be here.

We do not give you any guarantees to you and no promises neither explicitly nor implicitly.

If you are not ready to open your mind and heart, and start helping each other, then please leave this website.




But if you are ready to change yourself and the world you are living in for a better place then read on.


It is a Global Mutual Aid Fund. The bottom line is that it is a voluntary informal network of millions of people across the earth who find a way how to improve the wellbeing of each and every person in the world, not becoming a victim of a bank-loan system. Our community is like a big huge one friendly family, which alway ready to help when someone in need. There are no religion or racial prejudices! We decided to unite and not divide any more! Because only together united we can do something really good and magnificent! MMM! It's yours. Here, people help each other. Today you help someone — tomorrow you might be helped too! This is a principle of MMM. Join MMM, and let your money help those who actually need help! Low-income, disabled, pensioners, students, mothers of many children, etc. Love your neighbor! Help him!

We give you the chance to donate your money to those who need it!

In fact a person does not need a lot of money. MMM makes sense of belonging somewhere. That you are not alone! That when you are in a difficult time you can lean on, and somebody will come to your rescue. That you are not thrown. MMM is the cell of a new society, a brighter and cleaner one. New world. Where the money won’t play the main role. MMM is a society of the future, where everything will be different. Honestly and fairly. Where there will be no slaves and no masters. Where everybody will work for personal satisfaction and for the benefit of the whole society.

Where good will conquer evil finally. All of this will happen if we unite finally! And we believe in this absolutely coming truth!

Welcome to the System!

P.S. And there is something more. We appeal to all the participants who insult our mutual aid fund and call it a financial pyramid scheme. It is better to pay attention to banks, insurance companies (which are really a pyramid in its most chemically pure form!), The Pension Funds, the insurance companies … and any kind of money like US Dollar or IDR is the same! EVERYTHING! And the whole. How? Yes, like this but only MMM speaks openly and honestly about the fact that we are surrounded by a pyramid. All the others are lying! Without blushing. And no warnings are attached. Draw your own conclusions.

MMM not only opens people's eyes showing the truth, but also removes the social tension helping people in a difficult moments. Mavrodians, helping each other regardless of their religion will never go for other conflict. MMM thus solves the problem of religious conflicts that often lead to bloodshed.

MMM ideology aimed at strengthening the system of the country. The life of every citizen is dependent upon the power and wealth of the country. That is why we call on all participants to provide help to the country through a system of tax, even with the amounts that Mavrodians received as help in MMM. With this kind of support you are Helping each other to buy the goods that was difficult to buy yesterday without this kind of support, this in turn increases the purchasing capacity of an individual and raises the economy of each country. Which automatically leads to better living conditions.

In general MMM today is giving benefit to everyone!

Together We Can Do A Lot!


Subject: mmm -BD — We know, that there are many talented people in the System! Thou we are looking for web designers, professional translators, CEO, IT, Copywriters, movie makers, journalists and PR specialists!!!

Subject: MAVRODIANS — We are waiting for your photos, video reports, testimonies etc. The best will be posted in MAVRODIANS section of the web-site.

Subject: HELP COUNTRY — You will need to provide receipts if you already gave help to our country and paid tax. You can bedaub confidential information and keep only your name, name of Tax Department and amount.


mmm -BD Introduction

The idea of creating MMM started in Russia as an instrument of mutual aid, benefit and support of people that have no protection in our societies.

What is the core of MMM System? The participants are helping with their FREE money another participants of the system. Each participant of the System has own MMM back office. Back office(BO) is just a tool which helps to connect people who are willing at the certain period of time to provide help and to get help. And after BO connected someone who is willing to provide with one who is asking for help — at this very moment, the person who is willing to provide transfers the amount from his bank account, to the bank account of one who is asking for help. No money is concentrated in one place or in some accounts in MMM. All money is distributed among ALL PARTICIPANTS of the community. As it was said earlier, MMM is just a big friendly family.

The System MMM can only exist if participants tell about the System, and help to advertise it with any possible ways! Therefore, all participants are ought to make video testimonies about their participation in MMM system. MMM is a charity and social oriented community, therefore there are a lot of different charity events you can find which done by our active participants.

The experience shows that Mutual Assistance Community can live for ages, due to marketing activities. Also, it is influenced in a good way by the demand, simplicity and comfort of using the MMM System. There are big differences between MMM and any kind of MLM companies MMM is NOT A COMPANY!

There are NO official guarantees and warranties, or any other kind of promises, in MMM community.

MMM community structured the same way like all modern banks, insurance companies, pension funds, MLM companies etc., which are protected through the legal system of laws and courts by the Governments. But unfortunately all these institutions are distributing wealth and natural resources unequally in our societies. In fact, they all DO NOT HAVE ANY GUARANTEES either. Banks are becoming bankrupt very often; the insurance companies close down etc.

All these financial institutions are paying money to people from the money that has been collected earlier from other people. The huge percentages of profit are being collected and kept by the owners of these financial institutions. They are hiding this truth and keep lying to people. MMM is talking honestly and openly about it.

MMM is very different with the existing financial system at one important issue. All the money in MMM is left inside the community and is distributed among all participants of MMM! Of course the banks and other modern financial institutions are not going to like this. It's not the banks themselves, but the people who are behind all this financial system. They are so called “the Masters of money”. These Masters of money want to produce money only by themselves, as any monopolists do. Therefore, they are fighting against financial pyramids around the world.

However, the MMM concept is very different from any of the existing financial institutions. The guarantee of the MMM community is the TRUST among its participants. It's the same way like you trust to the person that you know for many years. You may help him and lend your money (or just add a certain amount) for example for 3 months if he wants to buy a car. The same way MMM participants trust their money to other MMM participants for several days or months doesn’t mater. The difference here is that the number of MMM participants increase rapidly; therefore the amount of “free money” is increasing very fast. MMM stimulates its participants to invite new members and this process is working very well.


MMM is 100% legal community. All the money is being transferred among the ordinary, usual people as gifts to each other. And gifts are LEGAL in all countries in the world! The main thing is to understand that you are providing a REAL HELP to someone and you are doing it from the bottom of your heart using the money that is “FREE” for you at the moment (not borrowed money or taken as loan from the bank). You should consider it like exactly the same way as if you are helping someone in front of you who really needs your help. This is how MMM unites people and TEACHES how to HELP each other!

Due to its simplicity of the main idea in MMM, the easy implementation and huge demand the network of MMM is literally taking over the different cities and countries. MMM unites people, teaches how to trust and help each other! We are in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, CIS, Europe, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, USA, -BD, Bangladesh and many others. Just imagine, how fast MMM is taking over the world! People get help all over the world! The main website of MMM beats all the possible records.

Our world is standing in font of positive GLOBAL CHANGES!

Join us and become those who change the reality towards THE BRIGHT FUTURE!